The Philosoc

Philosophy Club of IIIT-D

The Lunchbox Philosophers

The Lunchbox Philosophers is an informal philosophy discussion group that meets every week to discuss any philosophical topic/issue ranging from AI and Philosophy, the Frankenstein Myth and Bio-Engineering, to the philosophical implications of the Mahabharata and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Not to mention philosophical staples like Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics, Deconstructing ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, Exploring ‘Secularism’, and much more.

Panel Discussions

Once every semester, we organise panel discussions on various philosophical topics. The panelists are some of the most noted philosophers in India. These discussions are a great opportunity for students to know about the latest developments in the world of philosophy.

Online Discussions

We have our own facebook group where members as well as others can participate in lively discussions on the current week's topic. Updates about the latest activities of The Philosoc are also posted there.